22 March 2009

Why I Don't Drink (Alcohol)

I thought it would be appropriate to write this now because a lot of people are probably reading this after a "night out" and are hungover.

So every time someone asks me if i drink or if I have to bring up that I don't drink (well everyone drinks, let's make it clear to drink=to drink alcohol) most people say, "oh that's cool." They say that but are really thinking, 'what a weirdo' or they just don't understand. I guess it is weird because I AM in college and that's just what you're SUPPOSED to do right?

Sometimes when I tell people I don't drink, they always ask me if it's because I had a bad experience or that alcoholism is in my family or for medical reasons. Then I shock them even more by saying that I have never drank to get drunk before, so no bad experiences, I don't know my family history because I am adopted. They are right in asking those questions because the people I have met who don't drink are sober because of their past experiences with alcohol or for medical reasons.

I admit to drinking a little wine and a little beer at some point in time. I tried it just to validate my stance on not drinking. As I expected they tasted gross and I wouldn't touch them again. I just have no desire at all. Someone told me that I would learn to get used to the taste of beer and love it. I have proven them wrong. Stupid drunk.

The answer to why I don't drink is simple but complicated. There's no need for it. I guess also because, oh yeah, I am 19 and I follow the law. Drinking and getting drunk may be two different things but you can have a nice time drinking apple juice at dinner, the wine doesn't make it fancier or whatever.

First off, I never understood why people drink. I mean are you really that social inept that you have to drink to make yourself look cool? Why does a party need booze to make it a party? Obviously no one is smart enough to think of something fun enough that everyone can do without the use of kegs and games. It's useless to me. I can have fun without getting hammered and throwing up. Which leads me to the first reason I don't drink. I am confident enough in myself and I don't give in to stupid peer pressure. I mean how many people ACTUALLY LIKE the taste of the beers and liquors? It's all psychology, a subconscious mind game.

Second reason is because I like being sober. I like to have 100 percent control (notice the bold, for you, but you do have control blah blah people) of my mind and body. I also like to remember things that I did the night/day before. I like to know that I made a decision and no one else or anything made it for me. I hate drunk people. I will never be a designated driver because I am not going to be around drunk people. I don't want to deal with it and I don't care. I refuse to be the friend who always helps his drunk friend (s) out every time. Let other people be the dumb bitches, not me. Drunk people in crowds is worst. That's why I don't go to NASCAR races, any ASU functions, baseball games, state fairs, birthday parties for people over 16, wedding after parties nor any New Year's Eve events. I also don't wanna be one of those people with the Facebook accounts with pictures of myself drunk taken by my "friends." I mean what the hell people? Have some class.

Third reason I don't drink is because it is EXPENSIVE. Trust me. I went to Ecuador this past summer and everything is less expensive there and the drinking age is 18. A lot of the people I was with liked to party and get drunk and they spent well over $100 EACH on the whole trip. That's disgusting. What a waste of their parents money.

Also, retrieving it if your underage not only puts you in danger, but the person buying it as well. In the US the older friend/brother/sister/cousin, the uncle/aunt/mother/father or anyone else dumb enough gets the beer for the kids. It's not worth it. Older siblings and relatives are obviously trying to come off as cool to their children/relatives so they buy them beer for their underage party. In some state they bust the hell out of parents if they host an under aged drinking party (Love it).

In my "hometown" of Glastonbury, Conn., people drank like crazy. People would get it from their own refrigerators because the parents either didn't care or they were never home in their mansions. They would also get it from their older siblings or connections they had with the older kids in high school (the losers who were 21 and still there.) OR they would know college kids other than their siblings for some reason. That's disturbing. Maybe more on the side of the college kid it's weird. My town had/has a serious problem with drinking. Some kids died drinking and driving and people still continued their foolishness. I am glad I got out of that fake despicable town.

So after that rant, the fourth reason I don't drink is because I have seen what it has done to people and I certainly do not want to end up like them. Not only in the media do we see this (Britney, Mel Gibson, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, etc, etc) but in real life too. I have seen alcohol destroy people's relationships with their friends, boyfriends/girlfriends and even family. I don't ever want to explain what happened last night and how I drunk dialed my best friend and said bad things. Drinking causes too much drama. Plus that's how we got John Kerry, people from Rhode Island and liberals.

People also like to mix stuff when they drink. They mix drinks with other drinks, they mix drinking with smoking because they obviously are suicidal and also they mix drinking with other drugs. For some people drinking may be for social fun, relaxation or a stress reliever and for other people it may be some deep issues within them. That's the fifth reason why I don't drink. I don't need alcohol to help me with my problems. I would never turn to that nor drugs for comfort. So many people do and I honestly can't understand why. To me, it's a major sign of weakness and let's be honest, for a lot of people it's just easier than going to a therapist or getting medical attention. I find that working out really helps me relieve stress and anxiety. Also, listening to music really helps as well. I get in a high sometimes when I am listening to a REALLY good song or when I am really in the zone at the gym. Or even walking around anywhere on a nice sunny day is awesome too. That's free. It's just one of the many choices that is healthy and sane for stress relief and relaxation.

I also have some thoughts about drinking that just bother me. One thing I really find obnoxious, and I have mentioned this in one of my other posts, is when people here in college talk and talk about alcohol and getting wasted. What a lame conversation. I don't know why people find drunk people funny and amusing. I think they are sad and have serious issues with themselves. I hate when people say things like, "oh yeah, I am gonna get so drunk at this party that I won't even be able to stand up afterward." I hear things like this so much that I just usually walk away and ignore them. I hate how people try to JUSTIFY drinking. They think they are right and a good person when they say they like to party and get drunk on the weekend and then study and be good during the week. Balance my ass. For me, balance doesn't work. I am either one way or the other.

I don't understand all these drinking games and WHY THE FUCK to people post pics of themselves or of other people playing beer pong? Do we need to see that? I mean who really HONESTLY cares what you're doing in your parents basement? Beer games are ridiculous. People have more talent doing these irrelevant things than they do in any other area of their lives. And if you are drinking and you are underage then why use red plastic cups? I mean the red cups have become a symbol of college and high school drinking parties. Use different cups retards. I guess I am not brain dead enough or I haven't killed enough of my brain cells with weed and vodka to understand the "art" of beer pong.

Anyway, I am only 19 and will be turning 21 in 2010 and I really don't care. I am not eagerly waiting the arrival of my 21st birthday party to get shit-faced and do stupid things. I also didn't spend out-of-state tuition to get drunk all the time. Even when I turn 21 and can legally drink a beer, I don't see myself doing that at all. I do, however, want to go a little, just a little, gambling. I always wanted to just stand in a Vegas casino without having to be pulled along by my parents. But even that is not a big deal to me. Drinking is just not a part of my life and nor will it ever be.