04 January 2014

My Tattoos

 I got tattoos this year as well. I have two which are both very meaningful for me. The timeliness and the symbolism of them make them very meaningful for me. Since I was close to death in October/November and sick in December, I believe they represent the strength I really didn't know I had.

The scorpion on my back is not only my astrological sign, but symbolizes passion, transition and protection. It has my back. It's colored red for passion and intensity. I have Arabic along side of it which says "there is not life without passion." Passion is something that can be as simple as having the passion in life to wake up every morning. The passion to just want to live. If we didn't have any passion to do anything in our lives, then what's the point of living? The guy who did it, clearly has passion for tattooing and he did an amazing job and I am glad I planned it and went to him.

The cobra and ankh on my right arm are a mixtures of 2 different interpretive Egyptian symbols. Aside from being a Chinese zodiac sign (which I am the year of the snake) most people think the snake as evil and a bad omen, and calling someone a snake is a bad thing. I think differently. The snake sheds its skin, thus coming out a new, fresh snake. It represents rebirth and starting a new. The ancient Egyptians looked at the cobra as a protector and wisdom. The ankh that it is coiling around was put in the arms of Pharaohs when they were buried. It represents life or eternal life. To me, the snake is the protector of life. It also is symbolizing a rebirth of life or a new journey. The snake may look evil but it's aggression and passion represent what it takes to really get over the bumps in life. Snakes are also smart and cunning. As a whole, it also represents layers. The ankh looks fragile and small compared to the big snake wrapped around it. The snake represents the protective wall since it is scaly and rough. I believe, and this might be one of the few times I think this, but I and even people in general appear as vicious snakes on the outside, but we are really just protecting our fragile insides. We are protective over out lives and it may show a little, but it's not something anyone or anything can take. This circles back to the protection interpretation of it. I suppose it can have a few meanings when you think of it but to me it's only a positive thing.

At the end of the day, I can say whatever about my tattoos. Yeah, my tattoos and other's tattoos are personal but they are works of art open to all sorts of interpretation and I like hearing what other people think.

I am happy and proud of my tattoos. I went to an awesome place and felt real comfortable there. I have a new appreciation for tattoos and a real genuine respect for those who have them. I never hated or looked down on them before, I guess I was just indifferent. I do not regret anything and I am glad I planned and did not get something silly or on a whim. I always, deep in my mind, thought about getting one and imagined myself with one. Now that I have two, it is kind of crazy to think about it. My tattoos are not just for me either. I will NOT be on of those people who hides them or who is all shy about talking about them. Or one of those people that get upset or annoyed when you are looking at their tattoos which are clearly on display for everyone to see. I don't care. I guess my back one will never show unless I am swimming or something but the arm one will show more, especially in the summer with warm weather clothing.